Replace your card

There is no general requirement for students, faculty, or staff to have an i‑card. The same is true for visitors and other affiliated persons. If you're not using your ID, do not be concerned about replacing it.

Always report a missing card immediately!

Card replacement cost and procedure

When you have an ID and use it regularly, you may need to replace it for various reasons. A card replacement fee of $20 applies to some cases, as follows:

  • A fee applies if your card is lost, stolen, hole-punched, altered, or damaged by misuse.
  • There is no fee charged to trade an expired or outdated card for a new one.
  • There is no fee charged to replace a card because of a name change.

ID Center staff determine whether a card is damaged, worn, altered, or defective. A new photo is required for every new or replacement card issued.

John Marshall Law School students, faculty, and staff must visit a Chicago ID Center to replace an i‑card.

Card services update

When you receive a new card, door access and most other services will work within a few hours. Contact a service provider directly for faster "reconnection" to your new ID.

Student i‑cards linked to PNC Bank accounts are relinked overnight. You can also relink your new card by using PNC's  Online Banking or visiting a nearby branch. Either method relinks your card in about 10 minutes.

Expiration notice emails

In the month that your University of Illinois ID expires, you may receive an email alerting you to replace it. If you have questions, contact an ID Center.