Campus Cash and meal plans

The Springfield ID Center manages both campus spending accounts:

  • Campus Cash is available to anyone with a valid i‑card, visitor ID, or value card.
  • Meal plans are available only to current UIS students—and are required for some.

Campus Cash

Campus Cash is a prepaid debit account available to students, faculty, staff, visitors, and others. With Campus Cash, you can pay for food, books, photocopies, and other conveniences at Springfield. Campus Cash accounts are created automatically for Springfield i‑cards. Other cardholders must contact the ID Center to create an account.

  • Got an i‑card? Log in to any time to fund your account or check your balance.
  • Got a visitor ID? Visit the Springfield ID Center to fund your Campus Cash account.

Campus Cash accounts do not expire but the ID Center does assess fees for inactivity. See the Campus Cash Terms and Conditions [PDF] for more information.

Meal plans

A meal plan is another debit account, available to current UIS students and billed to their student accounts. Meal plan funds cannot be transferred and can only be used for food and drink purchases made at Food Service locations and campus vending machines. Purchases are logged and deducted from your meal plan balance when you swipe your student i‑card.

Meal plans are required for some residential students; review and choose your plan before the semester starts. Meal Plan Terms and Conditions [PDF] detail all the options and requirements. Be advised there's a time limit for changing plans! When you're ready to pick a plan, use the online Meal Plan Agreement form.

Can students have a meal plan and Campus Cash?

Absolutely yes! When you swipe your i‑card to pay for a purchase, the correct account is debited from your available funds.

Can meal plans be changed?

Students have one week from the semester's first day to request changes to their meal plan. After the first week, students may only submit new meal plan requests for the next semester. Use the online Meal Plan Agreement form to submit a change request.

Can remaining meal plan funds be refunded at the end of the semester?

No. Special refunds are allowed only in two cases and only if they are requested by the tenth week of the semester. The first case is when a student has withdrawn from all classes. The second case is when a student shows proof of a documented medical condition. See the Meal Plan Terms and Conditions [PDF] for full details about cancellation and refunds.

Can departments fund meals for guests?

University units may order conference meal cards that guests can use at Food Service locations. Please give 48 hours advance notice. Use the online UIS Conference Meal Card Requests form and email the ID Center if you have questions.