Get an i‑card

Your first i‑card is free, and you can get one whenever you need it. You may trade a defective or worn card for a new one free. The exchange is also free if you changed your legal name. However, it costs $20 to replace your card when it is lost, stolen, or damaged. Keep this in mind: if you don't need an i‑card you don't have to get one.

All i‑cards are issued at ID Centers, where staff vet a patron's identity, take their photo, and issue them an i‑card. Most students and employees may choose to submit their own photo as an option, not a requirement.


Students who are currently taking classes for credit on campus may obtain an i‑card.

Online degree students are not eligible to receive a photo i‑card. (Students not on-campus don't need an i‑card.) Non-degree and non-credit students are not eligible to receive any i‑card. However, many non-traditional students may request a library account number so that they can access certain library resources—contact your university library to confirm available services. Email your ID Center from your ".edu" account, provide your University Identification Number (UIN), and request more information.

Faculty and staff

Proceed as follows, based on your hiring organization:

  • University or System units: confirm with Human Resources that your position is active in Banner, then visit an ID Center. Bring a photo ID that meets ID requirements.
  • University of Illinois Hospital and Health Sciences System: bring a photo ID that meets ID requirements to your UI Health employee intake session.


Many University of Illinois retirees qualify for a Retired Faculty and Staff i‑card. Card services for retirees are often similar to those available to current employees. Contact an ID Center for more information.

Campus ID Centers