Card care rules

All University of Illinois ID cards are University of Illinois property and are subject to card terms and conditions. Cardholders are responsible for keeping their ID card current. Exchange your ID for a new one if your name or role at the university changes. Graduates who gain employment at any campus or employees who retire are common role changes.

Protect your card accordingly:

  • If your card is lost or stolen, report it immediately.
  • Don't bend, scratch, punch holes in, add stickers to, or write on any University ID card. Altering an ID in any way invalidates it, and replacement fees apply.
  • If you find someone else's ID, return it to an ID Center.

Don't misuse an ID card

A University of Illinois ID card may be used only by the person named on it while that person's status is current and that card is not expired. Using someone else's ID is theft.

If you borrow a card or lend your card to someone else, you may face disciplinary charges, with an exception: Urbana Housing permits one resident to use another resident's ID card to obtain a sick tray.