Card terms and conditions

ID card terms are presented in University of Illinois policies as follows:

  • Employees: "Terms and Conditions for Campus Identification Card" are presented in the UI New Hire application.
  • Chicago students: The student catalog's "Registering and Enrolling in Courses" includes "University Card Terms and Responsibilities."
  • Springfield students: The "Registration Terms and Conditions" page lists ID card terms as a student responsibility.
  • Urbana students: ID card terms are in Student Code section I-304 (Article 1, section 304).
  • Visitors and others: Visitors and others are required to complete and sign card request forms, which enumerate ID card terms and responsibilities.

ID card terms for the University of Illinois System

I understand that:

  • A University of Illinois System identification card ("ID") is University of Illinois System ("System") property. This ID is issued to help identify its valid holder, and it must be presented upon request.
  • A University of Illinois System ID is non-transferable and does not obligate the System in any way.
  • My ID is valid only while I am a registered student, active employee or affiliate, or retiree, or until that ID is expired or revoked. An invalid ID may be confiscated.
  • I am allowed only one ID at a time, and only the most recent, unexpired one issued to me is valid. Presenting an ID that is not my most recent may result in that ID being confiscated.
  • Altering an ID or intentionally damaging it invalidates it and may result in it being confiscated.
  • Using another person's ID or letting another person use mine may result in disciplinary action and/or confiscation of that ID.
  • I should return my ID to an ID Center when I leave the University of Illinois System; I must return it upon request.
  • ID data, including but not limited to the University Identification Number (UIN), card number, and photo, may be used for University of Illinois System purposes.
  • If I link my ID to an account with any external service (such as banking), I am releasing my UIN to that provider.
  • If my ID is lost or stolen, I am responsible for immediately deactivating it by contacting my university's ID Center or police. Until I deactivate my missing ID, I may be liable for its unauthorized use, including purchases.
  • If my lost or stolen ID is linked to any spending or access account, I am responsible for notifying the relevant service providers.
  • I am responsible for paying any replacement fee when my ID is lost, stolen, confiscated, altered, or intentionally damaged.
  • By accepting possession of a University of Illinois System ID, I agree to hold harmless the University of Illinois Board of Trustees and its officers, employees, representatives, or agents, from and against any claims, damages, costs, expenses, including an amount equal to reasonable attorneys' fees, or liabilities, including for loss or damage to any property or for death or injury to any persons, arising out of or in any way connected with any incorrect or outdated phone numbers that may be listed on the ID.