Name changes

There is no fee to exchange your ID card for a new one as a result of a name change.

Changing your preferred first name

Students and employees may set a preferred first name, for use in (some) university systems. A person's last name and preferred first name is printed on the front of i‑cards. See the University of Illinois System's Preferred First Name Statement page for guidelines.

  • Students set a preferred first name by accessing Banner Student Self-Service. In the Personal Information options, select Preferred First Name, then follow the prompts.
  • Employees use My UI Info. Follow the link in the My Profile box and click on Access My Profile. Scroll to the Demographic Information & Veteran Status section and select Edit.

Changing your legal name

If your legal name isn't accurate on your ID, correct it first with the appropriate office, and then visit an ID Center.


  1. Update your name through your registrar's office, and also check your name information in your student portal(s):
  2. Bring these items to an ID Center:
    • Your current university ID (to be exchanged)
    • Another proof of identity that bears your legal name

Faculty, staff, Extra Help, and retirees

  1. Access My UI Info, and click on My Profile.
  2. Scroll to view the "Assistance will be needed..." heading and its table.
  3. Follow the instructions in the "Name" row.


Contact an ID Center to ask how to proceed.