Card services at Chicago


You can bank with your i‑card if you open a PNC Bank Virtual Wallet Student account and link your student i‑card to it. A linked i‑card works as a debit card whenever you enter your PIN for purchases.

Campus debit (Dragon Dollars)

Carry your i‑card and carry less cash! Anyone with a valid i‑card may use Dragon Dollars, UIC's campus debit account to pay for:

  • Food and beverages. Dragon Dollars are accepted at campus eateries and by GrubHub Campus and Starship robot delivery.
  • Laundry. Guests in UIC Housing residence halls can pay for laundry with Dragon Dollars, using their Visitor ID. Campus Housing residents access laundry facilities with their i‑card.
  • Photocopying. Employees and others who are not students may pay for copies at UIC libraries and student centers, using their i‑card or other ID. Students, however, use their Wepa or U-Print quota to pay for copies at UIC libraries and Student Centers.
  • Printing. i‑card holders may pay for prints at U-Print stations. Students receive printing quota funds each semester, which are usable at U-Print and Wepa print locations.

Check-in for appointments

Students use i‑cards to check in at Family Medicine centers. An i‑card is not proof of medical insurance.


Having an i‑card can save you money on:

  • Athletics events. Students may purchase discounted tickets for or get in free to UIC Athletics events.
  • Shopping and service discounts. i‑card Perks are exclusive, local discounts available only to i‑card holders.

Door access

Many doors on the UIC campus can be unlocked and opened with ID cards, mobile devices, and other tokens. When you swipe or scan your token, units verify your current status and eligibility for their service. ID Centers and i‑card Programs do not authorize or control door access. Instead, individual door access managers assign device-based access for the building(s) they oversee.

Door access is provided only to those who both need and qualify for it. For example, students and staff who live or work in university residence halls are assigned access to the appropriate door(s) in their hall by a Housing door access manager.

Library resources

Students, employees, and many others have borrowing privileges from the UIC Library.

Mass transit (U-PASS)

Many enrolled students qualify for a separate U-PASS for Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) trains and buses. You must have a valid i‑card to pick up your U-PASS.

Meal plans and Flames Fare dining debit

UIC Dining Services offers UIC students, faculty, and staff a variety of meal plans, which operate on a meals-per-week basis. Meal plans are accepted only at select dining halls.

Flames Fare is a pre-paid debit account that both students and employees may use—on its own or in addition to a meal plan. Flames Fare is accepted at eateries and convenience stores across the UIC campus.

Parking access

Use your ID card to enter and exit lots where you have a paid parking assignment.


Students assessed the General fee or the JMLS General fee may use Campus Recreation facilities when they present their valid i‑card. Employees and retirees with memberships present their i‑cards too. Visitors and other affiliate members use their Visitor IDs.