Policies related to identification cards and devices, UINs, and the provision and use of cards and card data are all the oversight and responsibility of i-card Programs, which is a unit of Treasury Operations, within the University of Illinois System.

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Policies for cardholders

Eligibility for IDs and services

All University of Illinois IDs and identifying devices are University of Illinois property. As such, they are intended only for identification for System services.

i-card Programs sets the eligibility for identifying devices, and these devices are distributed subject to its permission and policies. Being eligible for a device does not guarantee or require that one will be issued.

A UIN is required for a card or other identifying device to be issued. Every current student, faculty member, and staff member to whom a UIN has been assigned is eligible for an i-card, subject to certain conditions, including the requirement to present a valid form of identification.

Simply having a University of Illinois ID does not entitle a person to services, nor does it prove that a person's relationship to the University of Illinois is current. Units and departments determine who may receive the service(s) they provide, not i-card Programs.

Fees for IDs

i-card Programs and ID centers may charge a reasonable fee for providing an identifying device. Fees are structured to recover costs for system infrastructure and services, including hardware, software, supplies, maintenance, support, and development.

Card confiscation

A University of Illinois ID card, conference card, department card, or other identifying device may be confiscated by any agent of the University of Illinois or any individual acting in an official University of Illinois capacity. "Agents" include but are not limited to mass transit officials, Campus Recreation workers, and Housing employees. The circumstances under which any University of Illinois identifying device may be confiscated are as follows:

  • The card is invalid, borrowed, or stolen.
  • The cardholder has violated card terms and conditions.
  • The cardholder's University status is not current.
  • The cardholder uses his or her card to intentionally damage University property.

Social Security number submission policy

We request your SSN on our website's Find your UIN form to confirm your identity and to ensure that the UIN we find is yours and does not belong to someone else with the same birth date or other identifying information. Your SSN is kept confidential in accordance with the University of Illinois' SSN policy. We use your SSN as entered only to look up your UIN in our database. We can match it only to an SSN that is already on file for you. Entering your SSN on our website will not enter it into our records if it is not already there.