Submit your photo online

When you're eligible for an i‐card you can get one immediately at an ID Center; this takes only a few minutes. You may also submit your i‐card photo in advance; this option requires more of your time and attention. Choose what best fits your schedule:

  • Do you need your i‐card today or within three business days? Visit an ID Center.
  • Do you have several days before you need your i‐card? Read this page so you'll know what to do and expect when you use SubmitMyPhoto.


Traditional students and most employees are eligible to submit i‐card photos, as follows:

  • Students in on-campus degree programs may submit a photo. You must be eligible to register for the current or next semester.
  • Employees with active status may submit a photo. Your Banner employee group must be: faculty and other academic, academic professional, civil service, or post-doctoral employee.

Not all university associates are permitted to submit photos:

  • Online-only students cannot submit photos.
  • Non-degree and non-credit students cannot submit photos.
  • Extra help workers cannot submit photos. Retirees and emeriti faculty can't submit photos either.

Visitors and other affiliates can't submit photos online, but may still receive i‐cards or other IDs in person at an ID Center.

Before you upload a photo

  1. Check your schedule. It can take a few business days for your photo to be reviewed. Same-day, next-day, or on-demand service is not available with SubmitMyPhoto.
  2. Follow all photo requirements. i‐cards are official IDs; think of a passport photo, not a Snapchat selfie. Your i‐card photo must pass all 13 photo requirements to be approved.

After you submit a photo

  1. Monitor your photo status. Log in to SubmitMyPhoto again. See what status displays and follow any instructions.
  2. Be patient. The queue of photos is often long—particularly from June to September, and also in January.
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