Submit your photo online

This page outlines who may use SubmitMyPhoto and what is required or optional for each possible use.

Three uses

SubmitMyPhoto can be used to help you in one of three situations, as follows:

  1. You're an on-campus student or employee and want to choose your own i‐card photo, instead of having your photo taken when you visit the ID Center.
  2. You're an online student and want to display your photo with your online-student affiliation.
  3. You're on a regional campus and need a university photo ID for use on your regional campus and you cannot visit an ID Center.

On-campus students and employees

Any person who is eligible for an i‐card can get one at an ID Center, a process that takes only a few minutes. Submitting a photo online is not required.

You must be eligible to get an i‐card and pick it up yourself from an ID Center in order to submit an i‐card photo online. Specifically, those who may use SubmitMyPhoto for i‐card photos are:

  • Students in degree programs. You must be eligible to register for the current or next semester.
  • Employees with active status. You must have an active appointment in Banner. Agency employees working for UI Health are eligible for UI Health i‐cards.

Other groups who cannot submit i‐card photos may still be eligible to receive i‐cards or other IDs in person at an ID Center. See who is eligible for i‐cards for details.

Online students

Any student who is currently enrolled exclusively in online courses, who does not already have an ID photo on record, and who cannot visit an ID Center may submit a photo online. Your approved photo is displayed in your online student affiliation profile.

Regional campus affiliates

Persons who are currently affiliated with a regional campus and who want to receive their ID at that campus must follow special instructions from their campus liaison. Regional campus liaisons make advance preparations so that SubmitMyPhoto displays instructions suited to their intended cardholders.

Any student, employee, or other affiliate who has been instructed by their regional campus liaison to submit a photo online may do so. You must have your liaison's permission before you log in to SubmitMyPhoto! You can only claim your ID in person from your liaison when you show an accepted proof of identity.

More information is available at the Regional Campus ID Resources page.

How to get started

  1. Read and follow all photo requirements! Pose for a passport photo, not a Snapchat selfie. Emailed photos are not accepted.
  2. Allow a few business days for photo reviews. Same-day, next-day, and on-demand reviews are not available.
  3. Monitor your photo's status. Log in to SubmitMyPhoto again and follow any instructions on display.
  4. Be patient. The queue of photos is particularly long in June, July, August, September, and January.
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